The voice in the darkness

           💀 the voice in the darkness 💀

Quiet. Peaceful. It all stood there glowing in front of her eyes.  A night’s dream stood in front of her. The old, peculiar house of Aunt Cecily was true. True as it could ever be. The strange house had yellow lights shining through the window and a broken door. There was also a crooked roof with gaps in it. Out of the air, a voice whispered "come in dove, i was waiting … for you " . 

"Aunt Cecily? Is it you?" Questioned Aria. The voice of Aunt Cecily spooked Aria out. She still didn't know who the voice was, but she knew it was a woman. "The voice in the darkness? Who are you?". Suddenly, the door of the mansion creaked open. Aria pondered for a minute. She knew she had to  figure out who the voice was, whose house this was. As she paced towards the brown broken door, a laceration magically appeared on her cold blooded hand. Her skin was pale as a ghost. The cut was a deep red eruption: it was erupting in her hand. " Ouch! How did that happen!?" screamed Aria. She desperately tried to find something soft to cover her swollen hand. The voice in the darkness spoke again. "Go find a red box; inside you will find a key to the door in the living room. If you find the box, and open that door you are the chosen one." 

"Chosen one? For what? NO! Don't go! Reply to me! Don't be rude! Ok I guess… I need to find a red box. Should be easy as pie!"

Scared and anxious, after a few attempts to find the box, Aria stood in the living room confused. " Easy as pie, huh? Ok. Maybe I just need to think." After a few minutes of thinking time, she set out agin. She looked everywhere but didn't find the box. "Oh!  I Know where it is! I haven't checked that chess box upstairs!" Aria was determined to find the box. Now she was not petrified nor worried. She needed company in this boring house so she sang her favorite song ."Taking control of this time of movement, I'm locked and loadeddd , completely focuseddd….." she sang. When she reached the chess box and opened, it she found a box. It wasn't a red box , it wasn't a green box, it was a blue box. "A blue box! Stop kidding! There was no blue box mentioned . Maybe I should open the box.",She said. And there it was. The red box! Aria opened it and found the key. "Now it's time for the magical door! Here I comeeee! " When she opened the door, she found a  lady looking straight into her deep brown eyes. "Hello" said the woman, "I am Aunt Cecily . I was locked in here for a whole 2 years. Nobody visits me. I have no food left, now water, nothing! Thank you Aria….for saving me."

"I-i-i ." stammered Aria.

 Quiet. Peaceful. Again.

The end

Written by Sharanya sonthalia


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